Lil' Dreamer Sessions

My desire is to place your child(ren) in an enchanting place that is both expressive, magical, rich in color and imaginative creating a beautiful heirloom to adorn your walls.

This is not your typical children portraiture session that marks the years as your child grows. These sessions are created to capture a storybook like moment that becomes a timeless treasure that surpasses time and will fit any time era. This style of portraiture will never be outgrown but instead, be adored through all ages and generations.

My new sessions bring imagination to life! My "Lil' Dreamer" sessions will adorn your home with enchanting and magical scenery featuring your child(ren). There is nothing more magical for a child than imaginations coming to life! 

Here in the PNW (Pacific North West) we don't have the pleasure of experiencing real firefly's but I can make that happen through enchanting moments in the forest. I bring the mystery and fascination of firefly's!

My popular session:


FireFly Hunting

Imagine your child(ren) walking barefoot through the forest with only a lantern to light the way as they search for those magical, mysterious glowing firefly's dancing through the darkness! Imagine their fascination as they cross over into the magical part of the forest where they stumble upon where the glow bugs thrive! Watch as they try to capture them and then finally, they gather around to see them up close and are caught up in the magic, ending in setting the creatures free.






Wood Elven


(Images to come soon)

Your little Elven will be dressed in a cloak, elven ears will be (cosmetically) applied and a head piece (Tiara) for the females and style the hair. Then the magic begins....

The Wood Elven featuring your child(ren) is one with the forest and the FireFlys can be found, dancing around the Wood Elven. The FireFlys tease the Wood Elven as she/he playfully chases them. The "mother" firefly will light the path as the wood elven makes her/his way through the darkening forest and heads for her/his home.

**NOTE: Due to the nature of this session, extra time is needed for the cosmetic ear application and hair styling (for females).



Coming Soon

Little Red Riding Hood



 Editing Process and Product


Each image is carefully hand edited with attention to detail in lighting, shading and the child's expression. Each image is as individual and unique as your child. Therefore no image will be the same as the other. There are no quick templates, presets or mattes used. Each image is thought out and interpreted by the artist, photographer, using brushes (digital editing brushes) and enhanced with color for that story book feel.



Session Fees


"FireFly Hunting" Session Fee $200*

"Wood Elven"** Session Fee $335*

"Little Red Riding Hood" Session Fee $200* 




*With minimum purchase of 16x24 Print, Gallery Wrap or Metal Print

**"The Wood Elven" session due to the cosmetic application and hair styling, session fee is higher.



Gallery Wrap


1.5" (depth) 16x24 Gallery Wrap $250

2.5" 16x24 Gallery Wrap $295

My Classic Canvas Gallery Wraps have a water resistant finish and heavy flexible weave. Industry approved for print permanence by the International Fine Art Trade Guild.



Professionally Double Weight Mounted Print


16x24 Mounted Print $175


Printed Images are Portraiture/heirloom quality, mounted on high quality double weight mat board. Luster Coat is also applied. This gives the print a rich, luster to the image and also has UV protection that will help protect your image for years to come from fading due to light exposure in the home. All images are highly recommended that they are hung in an area where window light does not fall directly on them regardless.



Vivid Metal Print


16x24 Metal Print with Float Mount $245

Experience images in a new definition and clarity with vivid metal prints. Enjoy show-stopping conversation pieces. Add an artistic edge and contemporary elegance with a high gloss finish. Metal print is ready-to-hang with a 3/4" float mount.